Towel-Off 2 oz Spray Bottle with Integral Discs; 3 Bottles

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Towel-Off; Personal Hygiene On-The-Go;  3 Bottles / Package

Reclaim your confidence and enliven your day by using Towel-Off by Funk Zones™. There are no more embarrassing moments of interacting with others while feeling Funky! Towel-Off, ‘Like A Shower In A Bottle’, is a 2 oz. cleansing spray and towel off system in a funky bottle. When pressed for time, Towel-Off is a perfect alternative to taking a shower.

100% Natural Towel-Off cleans your body safely with a simple and effective formula that nourishes your skin. The oils used balance the skin’s healthy biome and discourages the growth if infectious and odor causing bacteria. They also bind to the surface impurities, allowing the to be gently toweled off, leaving the skin clean, soft and hydrated.

Totally Safe for Sensitive Skin Traditional body wipes are thin, good for just one use, often use alcohol, and leave a sticky or toxic residue that can be absorbed through the skin. Towel-Off is carefully blended from natural ingredients and contains no alcohol or harsh ingredients.

For Men and Women
Lightly scented from a totally natural botanical blend, Towel-Off smells great on everyone!

Size:  (3) - 2 oz Spray Bottles with built in Integral Discs

Includes: 5 integral Discs per bottle; 15 total