How to avoid a crappy weekend!

Memorial Day weekend is coming! Like many Americans you will celebrate by having a barbecue or cookout with family and friends.

Of course you are fur babies are also invited to the party.

How exciting for them!  More people to pet and play with them. All that food sitting out in the wide open, the perfect chance to turn into…. the Great Houdini- master of the vanishing food!



Most pets these days have varied sensitivities to food. It will be important for you to be watchful over your pets and announce to your guests not to feed them table food. For example did you know that grapes, onions, garlic and raisins can be toxic for dogs in large quantities? Cats can tolerate grapes and raisins but keep them away from garlic and onion!

So let's just go over a quick list of foods to watch out for:

  • Hot Dogs- are often seasoned with garlic and onions. They are also a choking hazzard as often dogs try to swallow whole with out chewing.

  • BBQ meat - can cause diarrhea

  • Corn on the cob-  is difficult to digest and is a choking hazard

  • Fruits with pits-  can be a choking hazard

  • Food with bones-  bones can splinter and hurt the GI system and can also puncture the bowels (If  your pet eats meat with bones, consult with your vet).

  • Foods  on skewers or toothpicks-  they can Splinter and Pierce the intestines

  • Ice cream-  did you know that many dogs are lactose intolerant?

Cleaning up after your gathering is tedious enough, Do you really want to find out that your dog is lactose intolerant and have to clean that up too?


You know your pet best, and if they can't help themselves from swiping off the table, it may be a good idea to keep them apart from the festivities while food is out in the open. Or have some of their food/kibble handy that you can hand feed them while you are sitting down to eat, so they feel a part of the celebration!

Have A great Memorial Day Weekend!!